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Ready to handle any IT challenge you are facing with a solution catered to you.

We started our company with customer satisfaction in mind and it remains one of our core values. We like to put our place in your shoes and say, what would I feel like is the best solution and then suggest that as the best option for you. 

Scott Lapin

Fouder & Co-Owner

15 Years of Undefeated Success

Customer first solutions to all your IT needs.

Aaron has been in the IT industry since 2000. Finding processes and the right tools to help your business operate at a level that requires you to think about technology less, is always his primary focus.
Aaron Landry
Co-Owner / Consultant
Scott has over 30 years in the IT field with of 20+ of that being in independent consulting. As one the founder's of L2, he is excited by each new project as an opportunity to help others make their work lives better.
Scott Lapin
Co-Owner / Consultant